Welcome to Cambridge!


Hi everyone,

Congratulations on your place as a Cambridge Medic! I’m Disha, a to-be 3rd year at Newnham and I am so excited to be your Cambridge MedSoc President this year. The committee and I can’t wait to let you know what we’ve got in store for the next academic year.

Studying medicine at Cambridge requires a lot of hard work – BUT this does not exclude you from having an incredible time! You will have a range of extracurricular opportunities during your time, from societies to fun ents and balls. Cambridge MedSoc is here to help you have the best experience you can, as you can see from the list of what we do below. If you have any questions, have a look at our FAQ section below and please feel free to message me or any other member of the committee. We look forward to meeting you at the CUSU Freshers Fair (the university freshers’ fair) on the 2nd/3rd October and at our own Freshers’ Fair on the 5thh October which you will hear about when you arrive!

I recommend you join our facebook group for more updates. For now, enjoy the rest of your Summer! I can honestly vouch that I have had two of the best years of my life as a medic at Cambridge and I really hope your experience reflects my own.


MedSoc Love,


What does MedSoc do?

MedSoc is here to make sure that you have a great time at Cambridge! Here is a summary of what we do. The committee all fulfill different roles and their contact details can be found on this website.



  • We run a series of talks around Cambridge each year which medsoc members can attend. This year the series is titled ‘Changing the Landscape of Medicine’ where we’re aiming to put you in contact with current and future advances in the medical field.
  • We produce academic guides. If you want to know more about the course structure and want any tips and tricks for the year ahead, do check out our academic guide on the website.
  • We ask for your feedback on the course and represent you at the MVST Part I Committee meetings.
  • We are a contact point for any questions you have about the course, revision tips etc! Any queries or problems then feel free to contact our academic officer, Mohanja Keetheswaran at



  • We want to maximise your wellbeing at Cambridge and provide you with any support you may need. We know that Cambridge can seem daunting and MedSoc welfare is here to remind you that everyone is in the same boat.
  • We run a variety of events including drop in sessions with our welfare officer and massages in exam term!
  • We provide tips on how to cope with stress and exams, and provide information to college medsoc welfare officers so that if you have any problems, you have a number of people to turn to.
  • If you have any welfare related problems or questions please do contact our lovely welfare officer – Lakky and Dev – at


Social Events

  • We organise events where you can meet fellow medics, take a break from studying and socialise until your heart’s content! The medics are known to be a particularly tight-knit community and MedSoc is here to support that.
  • Examples of events include our Fresher’s Bar Crawl where you can mingle with other freshers (NB: you do not have to drink to come on this!) and the highlight of our year, the MedSoc Ball – a night in second term to make memories with some of your best friends.



  • MedSoc is working with ClinSoc (clinical students medical society) to make sure that everybody, regardless of their race, school and background receive equal information about and have the same opportunities to study medicine at Cambridge.
  • We deliver regional talks at schools across the country and are working on an exciting opportunity for prospective medics to come visit Cambridge and see what our course is really all about.
  • More details about how to volunteer and help out with access will be sent out in Michaelmas term!



  • MedSoc sport is all about participation, you don’t have to be good to join in! It’s a chance to have a laugh with some friends and play against our main rivals, O*ford.
  • We have 2 main events during the year, MedVet (Medics vs Vets) and MedSoc Varsity (against Oxford) where you can play a wide variety of sports.



Is there anything I need to do over summer to prepare?
There is no need to do any preparation during the summer. It’ll be much easier to get to grips with the course content once you’re actually here in Cambridge. For now, it’s more important to relax and enjoy the summer sun! However, if you do fancy doing a spot of reading then please do – but only if you truly will enjoy it. Your college may have sent you some things to read before you come and if so, you may like to see what they’ve suggested. If they have not and you still would like to do some reading we’d recommend looking at the website, TeachMeAnatomy where you could look at anatomical terminology under ‘The Basics’ tab. However, we would like to reaffirm that it is a lot easier to learn content when you begin term and the majority of students haven’t looked at anything. Cambridge may seem scary, but you all got a place here and that means they know you are capable – you aren’t expected to know everything before you arrive otherwise there would not be any point in coming!
I’ve forgotten everything from my A-Levels - is that a problem?
Not at all! You’ll be taught everything you need to know once you get here so don’t worry about revising anything from A-Level. 
Do I need to buy any textbooks?
We’d recommend not buying any textbooks yet. Textbooks can be very expensive and once you get to Cambridge you’ll find that your college library will be well equipped with all the books you need. However, sometimes there aren’t always enough copies of the right book in the library therefore some people buy their own. If you do want to buy some books then again we’d recommend waiting until you get here. Then you can decide which books are the best for you. The second years in your college may want to sell their textbooks to you as well for a fraction of the price!
Do I need to buy membership for medsoc?
It is totally up to you whether you buy membership for MedSoc or not. It is important to note that while most people do buy membership, some do not. If you do want to get involved with MedSoc then we’d recommend waiting until fresher’s week to buy membership as we will be selling it for a discounted price. You can purchase membership either online or at one of the Freshers’ Fairs mentioned above. But, as a completely unbiased committee, we definitely think you should! We will do everything to make it worth your one-time payment through discounts to ents, food stalls and the opportunity for financial grants throughout all six years.
What MedSoc events will be happening in freshers week?
Lots! We’ll let you know more details about all the events happening closer to the time.More generally we would not recommend buying freshers tickets for any events before you arrive. Colleges and societies will sell them when you arrive and there’s a chance the event you book before you arrive might not be great and only attended by few students. 
Do I need to buy any equipment, lab coats etc?
There’s no need to buy anything before you get to Cambridge as there will be scheduled sessions to buy a lab coat and safety spectacles once you arrive. If you do wish to buy your own make sure that it fulfils all the requirements, but we would recommend waiting. If you want more information you can check page 21 of the freshers handbook here– you will be given this booklet by your college when you arrive as well.



Want to talk to other fresher medics, ask questions and find out who you’ll be meeting in October? Join our Facebook group, ‘Medsoc: Cambridge University Medicine Freshers 2018’