Hannah Yogasundram


The president oversees everything that is going on within MedsSoc. They manage the committee, organise meetings and decide the society's aims for the year

Yosi McKenzie

Vice President

The Vice President works closely with the President to make sure that everything works smoothly. They are particularly involved in organising MedSoc cards and stash!


Dan Lloyd-Davies


The Treasurer is in charge of the society’s accounts and organises the sponsorship deals for Medsoc.


Mrudula Utukuri

Academic Officer

The Academic Officer is your point of call for any queries about anything related to work and exams. They are also in charge of writing the academic guides and organise the MedSoc talk series which this year is titled, ‘Changing the Landscape of Medicine.’ They also represent you on the University MVST Part I Committee.

Livy Batho

Sports Officer

The Sports Officer organises all the sports events, such as MedVet (Medics vs Vets) and MedSoc Varsity. Watch out for details about practices!


Reuben Chacko & Beth Goulson & Leo Penrose

Ents Officers

The Ents Officers organise a number of social events including MedSoc Ball, Freshers’ Bar Crawl, club discounts and various MedSoc club nights - all stuff to look forward to!


David Chong

Computing Officer

The Computing Officer maintains the website and the email system.


Will Kitchen

Welfare Officer

The Welfare Officer provides welfare support and organises events over the course of the year. If you have any problems or concerns, they’ll be more than happy to help! Just drop them a message.


Disha Singhania

Access Officer

MedSoc are working with ClinSoc (clinical students medical society) to make sure that everybody, regardless of their race, school and background receive equal information about and have the same opportunities to study medicine at Cambridge. The Access Officer organises regional talks across the country and is working to produce an Access Guide.


Lakshiv Dhingra

Fresher's Rep

The Freshers' Rep plays an intermediary role, in acting as a point of liaison between the 1st Year students and the MedSoc committee.